Antel Open Digital Lab (AODL) emerges as a national and open initiative, dedicated to forging a robust digital core, specialized in the validation and adoption of emerging technologies, particularly in the field of 5G. It is a place to explore, experiment and develop new solutions to the challenges of today's world, within a controlled and at the same time highly flexible testing environment.

AODL creates a propitious environment to redefining paradigms in multiple sectors, sharing the philosophy of collaboration and open technological exploration.


Strategic alliances


Lab users

Vertiports for goods delivery

The LAB is a space that will allow Drone Uy to carry out specific tests to enhance its autonomous drone service.

Automation of removal of maritime containers, preparation of palletizing and autonomous distribution in warehouse

With the aim of revolutionizing goods reception operations in warehouses, Grupo RAS, Genba, Newlab and Open Digital Lab join efforts to carry out a pilot project to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology.